No doubt, food dehydrator is one of most useful appliances in kitchen. In modern day, people like to preserve foods in fridge, prepare their own lunch instead of going out too much to the market in order to saving their money. Now, the unit has become indispensable in some households. Indeed, a dehydrator is a good investment for long term use.
I believe that we’ve already known what purposes a dehydrator is used for. Now the question is: which one is good? Which one is suitable for family? How many kind of dehydrator are there in the market? Well, in huge market of dehydrator, depends on size, style, materials… there are many different types of dehydrator. In this article, we will focus on stainless steel and plastic dehydrators – two common materials used to create a dehydrator.


Stainless steel is one of most common materials using in industries like kitchenware, family appliances, building industry, etc. They’re known by their durability, easy to adapt and transform, easy to clean and maintenance and recycling ability that not others materials can handle. Stainless steel has a high heat resistant ability so many manufactures use it for their products like oven, dehydrators.
Like stainless steel, plastic is also a very common material. It appears in everything around you. It’s also an easy transformed material, can handle high heat. However, many scientific articles report about some toxic substances in some kinds of plastic. These substances, indeed, are dangerous for human health if they’re used to make kitchen wares. However, nowadays, science founded the way to produce safe plastic, no contain bad substances, safe for our health.


You can easily distinguish these two types just by touching it. It’s easy to know which is made of plastic, which is made of stainless steel. Now, we just need to concern how good it is, which one is the better choice.

The dehydrator using plastic is usually lighter. Producers use white color for their products so those dehydrators look clean and elegant. This material is also easy to clean up. However, comparing it with stainless steel, plastic dehydrator isn’t good heat resistance. That’s why this material is usually used for vertical-flow dehydrator. Because vertical-flow type doesn’t provide too much heat. At this heat level, plastic still can stand without melting down. But, the vertical-flow dehydrator is cheaper than horizontal-flow. One of the reason is because plastic is cheaper than stainless steel.

Meanwhile, the stainless steel is heavier. Once you put down the dehydrator on kitchen counter, it’s hard to move it to another place. Producers usually use black color or keep it simple to their products. Some people find it so professional, some people think it’s a little rough. Stainless steel is easy to clean up. However, to keep it always shy, we need clean it more laborious with dry towel, comparing with plastic. The stainless steel has more heat resistant ability than plastic. That’s reason why most of horizontal-flow dehydrators are made of stainless steel. The horizontal-flow type is able to distribute more evenly than vertical-flow type. In order to do that, it need a stronger reheat system, creating more heat in the unit. Besides, the horizontal-flow type is designed for big family, who need lots of food at the same time or plan to open a party. In this case, stainless steel is the good option to build the machine. Units made of stainless steel are usually more expensive.


When choosing a dehydrator, there are already many things to consider like style (circular or rectangular), air-flow – type (horizontal or vertical), color, trays’ number, etc. But material is also important thing to consider. The material that you choose for dehydrator will decide how long you will use it for, what kind of dehydrator and what purposes go well with it. If you make these question clear, it’s easier for you to choose and buy a dehydrator and save an amount of money. Overall, a dehydrator is no cheap at all. So, think carefully before making decision.
We hope that this article helps you to choose your own dehydrator. To have more information about the unit or need reviews about some specific units, you can find them in our website too. Good luck!