We Wanted to Thank Our Employees

When my wife suggested that I hold an event to show all of my workers how much I appreciated their time and devotion for the last several months, I knew she was right. Everyone had given so much of their time to ensure that we were able to get the largest project we had ever attempted done, and it worked. I asked my wife to organize the thank you event, and I also told her to take a look at corporate entertainers because of another event I had been to earlier in the summer.

It was a charitable event, and they spared no expense. There were acrobats performing some really neat dances, and there were dancers all over too. The magicians were a nice touch since it was a children’s charity and a lot of the kids were present for it. They were shuttled off after dinner and a bit more fun though, and then the evening of fun started for the adults. While it was geared to get us to open up our wallets and make a generous donation to the well-deserved fund, it was also just about having fun.

The adult entertainment consisted of a comedian who showed how shallow money can make some people. It was all in fun, and it worked too because I know it made me donate more than I had originally intended to. My wife contacted the same company that provided the entertainment for the charity event. She was able to book a jazz band along with the same comedian. She was with me for the summer charity event, and she laughed even louder than I did. The party was a big success, and it made everyone feel so good to know just how much my wife and I appreciated all of their hard work. The nice bonus checks we gave them too helped keep the festive mood alive throughout the rest of the month at work!