Three Unexpected Ways To Use A Ceramic Flat Iron For New Hairstyles

A little research and education can help you find an inexpensive ceramic flat iron that will work wonders in the long run. Keep in mind that the most expensive iron is not necessarily the best one. It normally depends on your necessities, as well as hair type and plans for it. To a lot of ladies, the flat iron is all about straightening the hair. However, its uses are extremely diversified. If used correctly, a flat iron might become your best friend in obtaining some of the most sophisticated hairstyling ideas ever. So how else can you use this tool?

Crimping your attitude

The crimping style was more popular during the ’80s. However, if done correctly and mixed with the right outfit, this style can become extremely modern today. It is also among the simplest things you can perform with a flat iron, especially if you look for a quick and good looking style. Make sure that your hair is straight, then grab one strand at a time and move from the root down. As you slide the iron through the hair, twist your arm back and forth. A strand should not exceed an inch in width for a good final result. Go through the entire hair.

Chalking for a temporary color

Pink is just one of the most modernist colors these days. You can find a lot of celebrities sticking to it. So how about trying it yourself? You do not need to dye your hair, but chalk it a little. You can find all kinds of soft chalks in commerce. They are specifically developed for such operations. Use the chalk on the hair or some specific strands, then use the flat iron to ensure that the result will resist for a few days. The iron is basically used to seal the new look. You can clean it as soon as you get back home, yet you might want to keep it for a couple of days.

How about some fancy waves?

Waves are excellent for a formal event, but they are just as handy for a cool look. They are sexy and appealing. Flat irons can provide the waves of a lifetime if used accordingly. Start near the roots and stick to one inch strand at a time. Wrap the strand around the flat iron, then let it off as you move the iron away from the head. Repeat for a few times and you are ready to go out.