Tags and Categories

I didn’t want to move the old topic since it started out as a trouble shooting issue.
This is picking up the thread of original post:

I was thinking of doing the information rfp soon, once we hashed out some ideas.

I misled you with the search ting, I was thinking it would be static too. I think it fits in better with rest of gm. I was just thinking that the search templates addressed similar issues as Tags and Categories templates.

I guess I had tags and categories jumbled together. Thinking about it, does this definition work for everyone? Feel free to give input:

Categories: An entry can only have one category, categories can have 1 sub category. Categories are assigned only by the Author (or other admin that has editentry privileges).

Tags: An entry can have multiple tags, no sub tags. Tags added by users or authors (or both)? Tags factor into searching? Tags created by users or authors (or both)?

It seems like there are some commonalities though (again, everyone feel free to correct any assumptions I am making).

Both will need a screen to edit/add new. Both will need templates to display a list of all, templates to define what the static page with all marked entries should look like.

Let’s see if we, at this forum can accept some common blogging terms so I would like to refer everyone to the best page I have found on this.

Giant Blogging Terms Glossary | Dictionary | Acronyms

In the past when referring to tags, I think most of us where talking about Greymatter template tags so I think we should say “template tags” for these tags and tags or labels for the others should be ok.

What do you think?

Yeah, I always think of those as tokens. I just realized though that the gm_manual.html file refers to those as Template Variables. Should we keep this terminology to avoid confusion? Maybe we just have to be better about using the term.

Once we get to interactive help files maybe it will not matter, but until then we should be clear. We do not want to drive away or confuse anyone.

Also, the most commons questions in the forums should become part of a FAQ.