Ok, I don’t expect any trouble, but I am gonna put this out there just to do some cya (cover I disagree).

Look, I got a few simple rules and some assumptions. I am gonna assume that everyone can be mature and respectful regardless of age. I am not going to make a long list of do’s and don’ts, nobody needs that.

1. Be respectful of others. Everyone is new to technology at some point in their lives, if you can’t handle that, go away. These boards are not about boosting egos or putting people down.

2. This is not a forum for political/social/etc. debates/parties/etc. If its not about Grey Matter then its subject to deletion. Moderators are not going to watch every post, but if something gets annoying, there will be intervention.

3. The only people that will be banned immediatly no-questions-asked are spammers. Otherwise, everyone will get a warning/chance to explain. Just be cool and tolerant.

Ok, thats it.