GreyMatter requires the ability to run Perl software on your account on your Web server and an FTP client (such as WS_FTP LE) to upload the files to your account and CHMOD them on the server. Also, you should be modestly comfortable with editing HTML to customize the templates, and thus make your Weblog, journal, or photolog truly your own.

Note: that GreyMatter 1.6.1 and higher requires perl 5.6 at a minimum. Even though perl 5.6 was released in 2000, not everyone can control which version of Perl their ISP/Web Host will choose to run. GM 1.6.1 can be made to with older versions of Perl, see the forums for more information. While the GM team will keep older version of Perl in mind while we continue to develop GreyMatter, it is hoped that by taking advantage of features in more recent versions of Perl that we can get closer to our goals (among which is a GM that is easier to modify, sharable themes, better spam controls, etc.).