Release GM 1.7.1 on 12/31/2006

Well its done and I did get more testing in so hopefully its not so buggy this time. Since the changes are not as drastic I hope to have avoided introducing more bugs.

Updated: Here are the changes for this release:

NEW FEATURE: Link Limit will block and/or ban commenters based on number of links in comment
NEW FEATURE: Force Preview will require that a commenter preview their post before submitting
NEW FEATURE: Require commenter to type pass-phrase, either a phrase provided or random letters
Fixed defect where installations with more than 1 connected files would not rebuild/repair the connected files:;=display&thread;=1163736661&page;=1#1163736661
Fixed defect where two templates were cleared out in 1.6.1 upgrade, but should only be cleared out for versions prior to 1.3.1.;=display&thread;=1163569859&page;=1#1163569859
Fixed defect where military hour not showed as 00 for 12 am:;=display&thread;=1165810428&page;=1#1165810428
Fixed defect where censored word list was no longer honored. Due to 1.6.1 refactoring:;=display&thread;=1165811797&page;=1#1165811797
Fixed defect where multiple files where not being processed:;=display&thread;=1163736661&page;=1#1163736661
Fixed defect where {{commentauthorsmartlink}} was not being censored:;=display&thread;=1164257159&page;=1#1164257159
Fixed defect where preview/post wouldn’t work unless “Protect Author Name” was enabled.;=display&thread;=1165981473&page;=1#1165981473
refactored gm_collatecomments into Gm_Core, in order to gain OO benefits.
refactored gm_getentryvariables into Gm_Core, in order to gain OO benefits.
Tighted up regex to look for hacks, specifically malformed iframe and script tags

I have added the zip and tar.gz download files to the primary download site for download.