Release GM 1.6.1 Weekend of the 28-29nd

I have finished as much as I can with the changes to file access for this release. In addition to other small changes, I have moved all the file access (such as gm-counter, gm-entrylist, gm-banlist, etc.) to functions in a Gm_Storage library.

The only ‘but’ (and its a big one) is the actual Entry file itself. It is quite tricky and I have begun work on it, but must save it for next release. Once GreyMatter uses the functions to get Entries, then we can begin considering features such as having an Entry url be This_Is_A_Cool_Entry.html instead of 00000001.html.

So, with the weeks in October until the release, here is my checklist of stuff I have todo:


  • Update upgrade logic so that people can upgrade to 1.6.1
  • Update documentation where appropriate, combine with some other good documents provided by previous GreyMatter contributers.
  • Test, Test, and Test some more.
  • Integrate any other finished code provided by other developers (This is aimed at Pete Finnigan, but no pressure Pete, I know you have been busy).

I have a good feeling about this and check the boards on the weekend of the Oct. 28-29th.

Here is the beta for any testers who feel brave (be very, very sure to make a complete backup of your current greymatter installations).

I am still updating the documentation, but not much has changed. There are some new files that should go into the cgi-bin directory, but otherwise the upgrade process is very similar.
(use the GreyMatter 1.6.1 Beta link)