Release of the GM code

I was thinking about the previous regime of Greymatter support and how we could make it better. In the past a few individuals have collected mods/bugs and decided what would be included in a release. This led to very long gaps between releases and very few releases.

I favour a more open source approach. It would be better to release more times and more often. A major release with great new features could be released at longer intervals.

My thoughts were to add fixes for bugs small mods (any mod should be included in the core with the ability to not use it or we need a plug-in mechanism to allow all mods to follow the same format and to make it easier to include mods at runtime instead of the current mod process that means editing code to instructions on forum posts)

So why dont we have a stable release and a candidate release that includes the latest fixes. These should go up as 3rd point releases – i.e. 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 and we should have a major release on a longer schedule. The point releases would be available as soon as fixed code is added or small mods are included and would be available as a candidate release for all to download and test. As soon as its agreed its stable it would become the stable release and so on. The advantage is that everyone gets fixes straight away and more people test the bug fixes and new features.

Just some thoughts. What is everyone elses view???

A modular mod system (or plugin, if you will) is something I would like to see (as well as modular themes). Read more

if a new version is going to be released

i think it needs to written from scratch. that’s the problem we ran into before. the original gm code is so convoluted and mashed together that it’s just not nearly as efficient or proper as it could/should be. this is a huge part of why we didn’t do new versions often. i personally feel that a new version should not be release unless it’s a complete rewrite. Read more

Select/Deselect All in Edit Entry pages

Not so much a mod and not at all that I wrote it.

I found this check/uncheck all script at and have used it on other forms. We got hit with a ton of spam (before upgrading to newer version) and I wanted a quick way to select all comment entries to delete them all. Hope this helps someone else out too. Read more

Javascript to Save a Commenter’s Info

Problem: I would like a commenter’s name, email, and homepage to be remembered after they comment and to automatically appear in the comment form fields.

Solution: GreyMatter comes with the javascript to do this, however, it isn’t “hooked up” so to speak. A little template modifications and you are good to go.

First make sure that you have the cookie code variable ({{cookiescode}}) in your Entry Page Template templates (which the standard templates that ship with GM do). Read more

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