Luxury Grand 14 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

The luxury grand 14 inch memory foam mattress by DynastyMattress company is a luxurious mattress that compares very well to the Tempur-Pedic GrandBed and Dynasty even offer a money back guarantee if you don’t think it lives up to this claim.

Luxury Grand 14 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Details

  • Compares to Brand Name mattress – Tempur-Pedic
  • Made from high quality visco elastic memory foam
  • 4-way zip cover
  • 10 year warranty
  • 120 day home trial
  • Responds to your body’s temperature
  • Contours to your shape
  • Available in King (H14” X W76” X L80”) & Queen (H14” X W60” X L80”) sizes.

Compares to Brand Name Mattress

The Luxury Grand memory foam mattress compares exceptionally well to the TempurPedic GrandBed mattress, but is at a fraction of the cost. Dynasty Mattress are so comfortable in this claim that they offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t impressed with the comparison. If you are looking for a truly luxurious and best memory foam mattress in 2019 but at the fraction of the cost of big name brand types, then this mattress is just what you need!

Made From High Quality Foam

This luxury Grand memory foam mattress is made from high quality visco-elastic memory foam (6 inches) with an 8 inch high polyurethane base. The memory foam has 5lb density. The memory foam is layered to give the best postion night’s sleep and best sleeping surface. It is also layered to make the mattress durable and comfortable. There are 3 layers of polyurethane foam covered by 4 layers of memory foam.

Contours To Your Shape

Quality memory foam contours to your shape and keeps your posture aligned. It also helps take pressure off your bones. The luxurious visco-elastic memory foam is a high quality foam that will contour to you and give you a beautiful night’s sleep. The memory foam has layers – 3 layers of polyurethane foam are covered by 4 layers of memory foam. They are positioned to give you a great night’s sleep and plush sleep surface. They are aso positioned to factor in durability and of course overall comfort. Overall this grand memory foam mattress has 7 layers (14 inches) of memory foam.

Responds To Your Temperature

The memory foam has dual airflow which keeps the mattress temperature down and yours too. Poor quality memory foam mattresses can make you feel hot and sticky because they do not have the air flow other types of mattress have or high quality memory foam ones do.

4 Way Zipper Cover

The 4 way zip cover has a satin like side to it with gold highlighted stretch knit on top. The mattress is channel quilted with a gold braid around it.

120 Day Home Trial

To make sure you are entirely satisfied with the mattress, Dynasty Mattress give you a 120 day free home trial. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations you can send it back.

10 Year Warranty

The Grand memory foam mattress also comes with a 10 year warranty, reassuring you that you are buying a truly luxurious and top quality memory foam mattress.

Available Sizes

The luxury grand memory foam mattress is available in Queen or King size – bigger is always better when sharing a bed!


The King Grand memory foam mattress is available for around $1,000 ion Amazon and this is marked down from $5,000 so you truly do get a bargain. The Queen is available from around $799 marked down from around $4,000. Amazon really have the best prices for this luxurious memory foam mattress.

What Do Others Say About The Luxury Grand 14 Inch Memory Foam Mattress?

The average rating for the Luxury Grand memory foam mattress is 5 out of 5. Customers absolutely adored this memory foam mattress and it comes highly recommended.

Comments customers made include:

  • “…The mattress is amazing! Just like a Tempurpedic but at 1/3 the cost. I have had my mattress for a couple of months now and so far I have no complaints…”
  • “I tried the Tempurpedic Grand in several local bed stores and was hesitant to purchase a knockoff. However, I was pleasantly surprised as this bed feels identical to the Tempurpedic for much less money.”
  • “I loooove this bed! My sister owns a tempur pedic which i have slept on many times and i swear this bed feels the same! I spent 6mo (atleast) researching many diffrent memory foam/latex beds online and testing mattressess at stores and I ended up choosing this one which is memory/latex mix and couldnt be more pleased. I sleep so much better than i did before with spring mattress. This was my first memory foam and i will NEVER go back to spring mattress!”
  • “This mattress is amazing…and absolutely love it…I cannot stress enough how much of a saver this mattress has been…”
  • “It did take a few days for the odor to go away but this is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on!”

So if you want an amazing night sleep at a fraction of the cost of the Branded mattresses, the Luxury Grand 14 Inch memory foam mattress from Dynasty Mattress co. is are you.