It Turned out That I Enjoy Being Part of a Team More Than Being a Business Owner

For many years, I really wanted to be an entrepreneur and own my own company. Some people are great at that, but in the end, I learned that I wasn’t after trying it for myself. I do better when I work for someone else as part of a team. I decided to sell my small company and get some sales training under my belt instead. There are many good companies in my area that have great sales teams, and I hoped to be part of that after my training was completed.

My dad was an entrepreneur, and he was good at running his own business. He passed away when I was quite young, so I did not have the advantage of learning all that much from him about being a CEO. I only knew that I wanted to try to be like him. I love how much he inspired me, but inspiration is not enough to become a great business owner. It was a lot of work to hire and keep quality employees. It was also a lot of work to keep a good balance with everything involved with owning a business. You can hire many people, but there’s still a lot of stress involved for the business owner.

I knew that I wanted to be happy, so I thought about the fact that there are some great companies in the area that I had always admired and they would love to hire someone like me. I also knew that being in sales would mean getting to travel around the area meeting new clients. I liked the thought of having a manager, yet also having some of the freedoms that come with being a salesperson, too. I’m completely committed to selling for a living now. It’s fast paced, and it’s a thrill every time I close on a new contract. It’s also pretty nice being able to go to my boss for advice, rather than me being the only person that all employees come to for advice.