if a new version is going to be released

i think it needs to written from scratch. that’s the problem we ran into before. the original gm code is so convoluted and mashed together that it’s just not nearly as efficient or proper as it could/should be. this is a huge part of why we didn’t do new versions often. i personally feel that a new version should not be release unless it’s a complete rewrite.

Hi flippedcracker,

I am not so sure about that. If we did a complete re-write the mountain may be too big to climb in one go. I am more of a person who takes something and moulds it into something else. I think that there is scope to move GM to a more stable base and effectively a complete rewrite but not in one go.

For me, the two key things are to get comments working so that I can avoid spam. I have found most of the old mods via googles cache and was planning to summarise them here tomorrow. I am also working on the comment moderation mod I suggested some time ago. I also want to include having commentors enter a unique number before being allowed to post and also a mechanism where the first post is moderated and after being approved a poster can then post without further moderation. I will post details of how I plan to do all of this in the next day or so.

The second thing I would like in the short term is draft posts. This is easier to do. I start posts on my Oracle security blog and tend to leave windows open in IE on my different computers. I wnat to be able to start a post and then save it and come back to it.

In terms of a complete rewrite, I think Coldstones suggestion to isolate the file write code so that a data access API can be created is a good one. This will allow a move to a database easilly, a move to multiple blogs and also a move to categories. If the functional code is seperated from the data layer it will be easier to do this.

I think if we started on a complete rewrite it would be harder than to morph the code into what we want.

What is everyone elses views?? – can you add a poll coldstone?