Going into the Big Leagues

I created a website to sell personalized goods. It had a slow start because not many people even knew the website existed. I told all my friends about it, and mentioned it on all of my social media sites, but that only did so much. One of my friends told me to use the Thinkbound SEO company to get more people to check out the website. I wanted to do most of the website promotion for free, but since this was a special circumstance, I was willing to pay for a company to help me out.

Using the help from the company, the number of people that I had buying products from the website went up. More people were searching for it, and the website was getting mentioned by people all over the Internet. Even some Internet famous celebrities who I had never talked to before were checking out the website and telling their followers to go to it. I gave these people a special shout out as a way of saying thanks. Of course, with more people buying and more visitors, I had to make some changes to the way the website was being operated.

The website was no longer small enough to be run by a lone individual, and I couldn’t handle all of the duties of packaging and shipping items out to people on my own. I had to get some help from my friends. They were willing to do it for free, but I offered to pay them for their services. The orders were coming in like crazy, and I was starting to have trouble keeping up with the demand. Some of the items on the website had to be listed as out of stock until I could get more inventory to complete the orders that had been placed.