Asus A555LF full Specification and Review

Asus is no stranger to the laptop world. The Taiwanese giant launched a bunch of new Windows 10-ready mainstream laptops earlier this month, and today, we’ll be testing its highest-end offering in the A-series, the A555LF. This laptop features an Intel Broadwell CPU and a discrete graphics card for that occasional gaming session. Let’s see if it’s worth your time and money.

Look and feel

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Asus Chromebook Flip review

The 12.5-inch Asus laptop is a capable Chromebook with an all-aluminum 2-in-1 design and touchscreen. It looks and feels like a sleeker, more expensive product and, to be fair, for a Chromebook it kind of is.

Starting at $500 (converts to about £400, AU$655) the Asus laptop is no bargain-basement Chromebook; it’s a high-end model with a posh design and decent components. While it might be pricey for a Chromebook, it’s the perfect alternative to a low-end Windows 10 ($139.95 at laptops for those who only need a machine for simple online-based tasks. The $549 Samsung Chromebook Pro ($499.00 at is a better laptop, but if you want something smaller, the Asus Chromebook Flip is your best bet. Read more

Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 Laptop Specifications and Review

In our experience, 2-in-1 laptops tend to spend most of the time in one configuration or the other. The convertible aspect is diminished when the computer is primarily used as a laptop. The updated Dell 2-in-1 Inspiron, however, does such a fine job as both laptop and tablet, we found myself switching between modes all the time.

Still, we used the Inspiron 13-7000 series more often as a laptop, but its size and weight make the tablet mode a joy with leisurely applications. In some ways, it’s like a mullet: business up front, party in the rear, but without all the negative connotations of the world’s worst haircut. Read more

Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Specifications with review

Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptops usually make for excellent workhorses for students or even professionals who prioritise productivity. The hallmark feature for us has always been the ergonomic ThinkPad keyboards which are hard to beat.

 The ThinkPad 13 is a new model catering to students and professionals on a budget. It’s built with durability in mind, and claims to be able to withstand humid environments and extreme temperatures. However, even though Kaby Lake refreshes have been announced already, this model still uses a Skylake-generation CPU.
Let’s see if the ThinkPad 13 offers a good enough value proposition to warrant a recommendation

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Nikon D3300 specifications and review

The D3300 may have been replaced by the D3400, but that’s no reason to discount this entry-level DSLR. In fact, while the D3400 costs a little bit more (though prices are continuing to fall), the D3300 is the better buy right now.

Despite the growing popularity of mirrorless cameras, the entry-level DSLR market is still incredibly popular for those looking to take the next step in their photography journey. Read more

Nikon D3400 Specifications and review

Ever since its popular D40 model back in 2006, Nikon has done well to dismantle the idea of a DSLR needing to be a large, cumbersome machine. Of course, since then the company has released many even more compact mirrorless 1-series cameras aimed at a junior audience, although it’s maintained its footing in the entry-level DSLR sector with a slew of compact and easy-to-use alternatives for those after something more traditional.

For a number of years, Nikon has chosen to split these into two camps. The D5xxx series has presented an approachable but reasonably powerful solution for those wanting to get going with DSLR photography, but have a little extra growing space as they become more confident, while the D3xxx series has adhered to a no-frills template, one that prioritises small size, light weight and a simple design, all the while maintaining the benefits of an interchangable-lens system. Read more

Fiio EX1 Earphones (2nd Gen) Review

Fiio, best known for its high-resolution media players and portable headphone amplifiers, recently launched the second generation of its premium EX1 earphones. The successor to the EX1 promises improved audio quality and better craftsmanship.

 At Rs. 4,299, / 67$  this pair is a bit on the expensive side for earphones with dynamic drivers. However, let’s see if the new EX1 manages to win us over.

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Bose SoundLink Revolve full Review

Bose is one of the best-known lifestyle audio brands in the country, and much like Apple, its products usually look fantastic and cost a lot. Recently, the company added a pair of Bluetooth speakers to its SoundLink series. The SoundLink Revolve and SoundLink Revolve+ boast of 360-degree sound and are IPX4 rated for water resistance.

Today, we’ll be testing the Bose SoundLink Revolve, which is the smaller of the two. This speaker retails at Rs. 19,900, which is more than twice the price of similarly featured competitors such as the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom. No doubt you’re paying a hefty premium for the brand name, but let’s see if Bose has managed to deliver audio that is good enough to justify this as well.

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