Food is spoiled because of microorganisms which grew inside or by the enzymatic reactions. Microorganisms such as molds, yeast or bacteria will growth if there is an adequate moisture around them. When the harmful bacteria grew as much as it can cause spoilage, your food will not be preserved. Therefore, reducing the moisture contained in food would prevent the growth of microorganisms and enzymatic reaction and preserve the food.

Dehydration is the process that carries out water contained in food in order to prevent bacteria from growing. Drying is one of the oldest ways to preserve food and prehistoric peoples used to dry food by the sun more than thousand years ago, for example, the North American Indians dried meat for preservation, the Chinese dried eggs or fish and rice by the Japanese. Read more


Jerky is one of the most effective ways to reserve left-over meat in good condition for a long time. Jerky simply is a result of a dehydrating process in which moisture and fat contained inside meat is got rid of, hence it is very good for your health. There are many types of jerky around the world, however, I think that beef jerky is the most popular and delicious. Normally, there are some ways to dry beef into jerky, but in this article, I will give you the easiest way for using a food dehydrator. Read more


Food dehydrator is a versatile kitchen appliance. In the fruitful harvest season, with the help of one food dehydrator, you can easily make dried fruits such as bananas, tomatoes, cherry… and give to your friend and neighbors. Moreover, you could gather herbs and flowers, dry them without lots of time and efforts. With the developing technology, the task of drying fruits and vegetables or meat is easier than ever. Cutting, chopping and evenly spread out, choosing time and then food dryer does all the works. Read more

Asus A555LF full Specification and Review

Asus is no stranger to the laptop world. The Taiwanese giant launched a bunch of new Windows 10-ready mainstream laptops earlier this month, and today, we’ll be testing its highest-end offering in the A-series, the A555LF. This laptop features an Intel Broadwell CPU and a discrete graphics card for that occasional gaming session. Let’s see if it’s worth your time and money.

Look and feel

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Getting Queens Braces – What Is Your Smile Worth?

A smile might be responsible for a positive change in your attitude, more self-confidence and an attractive appearance. However, this beneficial gesture does not seem so simple when you face all kinds of dental problems. In fact, things may go in a different direction. You avoid smiling because you are embarrassed with your crooked teeth. This general attitude will negatively affect your professional and personal relationship. This is when you realize the importance of Queen braces. A beautiful smile will most likely change your life, so take advantage of the ideal treatment to obtain it in no time. Understanding the surprising benefits of a beautiful smile will help you make wiser choices. So why would you get Queens braces? Read more