Best Orthopedic Mattress Review

An orthopedic mattress is generally chosen by people that need a mattress for deformities and disorders of the joints and spine. This style of mattress has been created to help with many different disorders and can be beneficial for many people.

If you experience any form of back pain, neck ache, or joint discomfort the orthopedic mattress will be ideal. The mattress is firm, which provides the perfect support in targeted areas, and it is extremely comfortable. The multi-layer structure of the mattress not only provides more comfort and anti-motion interference, but also a universal design method is chosen by many Orthopedic Mattresses. The construction of Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid will enhance this feature.

Orthopedic Mattress Guide

Do Orthopedic Mattresses have springs?

Yes, an orthopedic mattress has springs with a typical spring gauge of 12.5, which is considered to be the firmest you can find. This spring gauge is incredibly durable, and will ensure that your mattress lasts a lifetime.

Orthopedic Mattress VS Memory Foam Mattress

The main difference between these mattresses are the materials that are used to manufacture them as memory foam have no springs and are considered far more hypoallergenic. As with all products some people prefer orthopedic mattresses and other people love the feel of memory foam. Both mattresses have benefits and disadvantages.


This style of mattress is extremely firm, and some people find that this can be uncomfortable. However, you can purchase other styles, including pocket sprung and latex orthopedic mattresses, which are softer.


  • Beneficial for back problems
  • Approved by doctors and specialists
  • Available in different firmness


  • Considered too firm by some people
  • More expensive
  • Construction can be hit and miss

Drive medical therapeutic 5 zone support mattress

Available in the color White having the dimensions 35 x 80 x 5.5 inches, the Therapeutic 5 Zone is a deluxe horizontal mattress. It has five pressure zones for even distribution of pressure throughout the mattress. The mattress itself is made of cross cut foam.

It has a two hundred and ten denier nylon. It is a Medicare coded Group I support mattress and a replacement mattress which can facilitate transfers more easily than overlays. It weighs almost a ten and a half pounds.


The nylon of the Therapeutic 5 Zone is resistant to friction due to its nylon fabric. It results in patient satisfaction and fewer service calls. It is also resistant to water yet permeable to vapor. The pressure zones are perfect for the patient to feel comfortable.

It is comfortable without a doubt and can tolerate heavy patients as well. Since it has no springs, you will not have to worry about the inconvenience of popping springs. It is delivered speedily that you will not believe.


The Therapeutic 5 Zone is prone to leaving indentations and impressions of the body where it receives the most pressure. This too happens in very few cases and probably due to some specific reason.

Just what the doctor ordered (probably)

The Therapeutic 5 Zone is a magnificent mattress that does the job for any patient or fragile aged people. It has the perfect amount of softness and firmness that helps the patient feel comfort throughout their body. The pressure zones are exactly what would relax them thoroughly.

Given that the Therapeutic 5 Zone has received some criticism of leaving impressions and trenches where the patient lays the most, the mattress is ideal otherwise. It just might be what the doctor had ordered.

Organic cotton two in one ultra

Made of one hundred percent organic cotton and one hundred percent polyethylene, the Two In One Ultra has a two in one design. The top surface can be wiped clean easily and meets food contact standards while the bottom is made of beautifully quilted organic cotton fabric.

It has certified cotton filling with two-stage soft and firm thickness. It also has a heavy-duty orthopedic innerspring that provides comfort to the children. It is available in two sizes; Twin with three hundred and sixty coils and Full with five hundred and twenty-eight coils. The six gauge border wire adds to support.


The design of the Two In One Ultra is hypoallergenic and safe for everyone because it is free of harmful chemicals. It is water-resistant which makes spills and diaper leaks not a hassle to clean. Your baby will sleep comfortably and peacefully. Your child will find no difficulty in transitioning from crib mattress to bed mattress. It is not too firm to be used by children. It is just right for them. The price is not that much for an organic mattress. It has neither harmful chemicals nor foul odors to make your kid feel uncomfortable.


The waterproof side a little more firm than you would want it to be. Some users have been dissatisfied with the firmness of the Two In One Ultra. They report it is too hard for a child to sleep in comfortably.

Good for the price

The Two In One Ultra is a wonderful mattress to help your child through the growing stage and transition from crib to bed. It has a softer quilted side and a firmer yet water-resistant side to accommodate your child in it with ease.

Dream on me orthopedic mattress

Available in the colors Grey and White, the Dream On Me Toddler is one hundred percent bed bug free. It complies with 16 CFR 1633 flammability standards and fits any regular crib.


The Dream On Me Toddler is vented for aeration to your baby’s mattress fresh in order to provide the best nap time ever. It is constructed with a hypoallergenic cover that keeps your sensitive child from mild illnesses.

The cover is also washable and waterproof. It is crafted with only the best materials for your child and is bed bug free. It is easily wiped with some warm water and mild soap. Not only this but the Dream On Me Toddler is low priced and affordable too therefore it will not make you tip over your budget.


Although the Dream On Me Toddler has great qualities, this is not exactly the picture for some households. Parents have complained that the mattress does not have foam and even if it does, it feels a lot like Styrofoam.

The Dream On Me Toddler is too hard for babies and toddlers and is not adequate for them to sleep on. It also contains polyurethane which is a poisonous chemical that can cause many diseases such as asthma.

A tough decision

The Dream On Me Toddler has both pros and cons of equal weights. It is tough to decide whether it is the best thing for your child or not. Even though it is water-resistant and very very easy to clean and wipe, it does not match the expectations of every parent and that is for sure. The mattress is very firm almost like the floor. Therefore buy this mattress only if your child likes it otherwise, keep looking.