Food is spoiled because of microorganisms which grew inside or by the enzymatic reactions. Microorganisms such as molds, yeast or bacteria will growth if there is an adequate moisture around them. When the harmful bacteria grew as much as it can cause spoilage, your food will not be preserved. Therefore, reducing the moisture contained in food would prevent the growth of microorganisms and enzymatic reaction and preserve the food.

Dehydration is the process that carries out water contained in food in order to prevent bacteria from growing. Drying is one of the oldest ways to preserve food and prehistoric peoples used to dry food by the sun more than thousand years ago, for example, the North American Indians dried meat for preservation, the Chinese dried eggs or fish and rice by the Japanese.

Nowadays, people still use the sun for drying corn or rice somewhere but the dehydrator makes it easier to do that. A best food dehydrator is a compact electrical appliance for drying food in your kitchen. You don’t need to wait hours for your pack done, it does faster and more efficient. The dehydrator can be found almost everywhere and easy to own one for your home.


Once the food has been dehydrated, the application of salt is likely locked in the food flavors for long time periods. For that reason, your food flavor is concentrated as it was dehydrated. Different from other market alternatives, you don’t get the salty taste from canned food or strange smell from preserved meat. Dehydrated food will have a better food taste and keep that yummy taste last long.

Some food dehydrator models on the market have very excellent food taste while some old models will mix food taste if you dehydrate more than one kind of food at a time. Food taste may be changed while dehydrating with some food kinds, so users should be more careful with this.


When you choose food from the market, barring natural differences between individual items, your food will provide uniform health benefits. All your food will be dehydrated at the same level so that the nutritional remained in food will be the same too. With commercial foods you bought from the supermarket, there is no evidence that all the food will stay at the same quality. Some food was grown at good farming conditions whereas some at poor conditions, but you must pay the same amount of money for different food quality.

You are drying your own food, thus you can control the quality yourself. You know what you are cooking for, what is in the ingredients and you know the quality of your products. Outside the package you bought shows everything about nutrition but people won’t know what the reality is.


Buy food in bulk during the peak season and dry them, with that huge food amount, you don’t need to worry about eating them up in single week. Moreover, you will buy food with cheaper price during peak season, so you will save much money from buying food in this time. In lean seasons, you will not only have more food but also the special that only be found in peak seasons. Your delicacies will be much better than other poor commercially dehydrated alternatives from the market.

Furthermore, dried food is often pricey on the market. A dehydrator for your kitchen will fix this problem if you need to use dehydrated food regularly. A dehydrator will cost you once. Compare to the sum of money you buy commercial dried food, the cost for using dehydrated food will much smaller in long period time. So, why not invest a dehydrator for your home.


When foods are dehydrated, water was removed from them. The removal of water leads to the weight and size are decreased. The small, light and compact food products will easily fit into backpacks or purses and so convenient for users. In addition, it doesn’t need a fridge to preserve like other fresh foods. For those who live a busy day, this is what they expect for. If you are going to go camping with friends, you can not handle so many things, a dehydrator will allow you to make various dried food for your trip.

Some dehydrator models have very good output weight, some remove more than 95 percent water from the food. The more removed water, the less weight the product will be, and consequently, the less harmful microorganisms inside.


Commercial foods often contained chemical ingredients like monosodium glutamate which used in meat preservation and lots of oil for frying. They might be not appropriate for some people too, especially the fat and who has the symptom of high blood pressure. The manufacturer may use too much fat or salt, this leads to obesity and hypertension for many people. Dehydrator allows you to cook healthy food by yourself, you can choose what is appropriate with your body and cook them.

Dehydrating food will also help to reduce waste. You don’t need a big waste bin to put spoilage food into, dried food will not give stench when it became worse.


A dehydrator can prepare food at temperature lower than 115 Fahrenheit degree which is the threshold temperature for maintaining nutrients, therefore raw food will be well-preserved. In addition, you can make cookies, bread or crackers from raw food like fruits and vegetables by using dehydrator, liquid food like soups or sauces can also be dehydrated for later use.

If meats have been abandoned and you are following a vegan diet, or you live in areas where veggies come as a premium food during the winter. You can maintain your commitments by choosing dried vegetables and fruits. You should buy vegetable and fruit in bulk, then dehydrate them and store till the lean seasons.


People tend to use more dried food due to its benefits. Cooking and drying your own food are also fun to do, choosing your ingredients now and cook them all, they are what you have to do. The dehydrator also becomes more popular for kitchen, purchase one and enjoy the advantages.