It Turned out That I Enjoy Being Part of a Team More Than Being a Business Owner

For many years, I really wanted to be an entrepreneur and own my own company. Some people are great at that, but in the end, I learned that I wasn’t after trying it for myself. I do better when I work for someone else as part of a team. I decided to sell my small company and get some sales training under my belt instead. There are many good companies in my area that have great sales teams, and I hoped to be part of that after my training was completed.

My dad was an entrepreneur, and he was good at running his own business. He passed away when I was quite young, so I did not have the advantage of learning all that much from him about being a CEO. I only knew that I wanted to try to be like him. I love how much he inspired me, but inspiration is not enough to become a great business owner. It was a lot of work to hire and keep quality employees. It was also a lot of work to keep a good balance with everything involved with owning a business. You can hire many people, but there’s still a lot of stress involved for the business owner.

I knew that I wanted to be happy, so I thought about the fact that there are some great companies in the area that I had always admired and they would love to hire someone like me. I also knew that being in sales would mean getting to travel around the area meeting new clients. I liked the thought of having a manager, yet also having some of the freedoms that come with being a salesperson, too. I’m completely committed to selling for a living now. It’s fast paced, and it’s a thrill every time I close on a new contract. It’s also pretty nice being able to go to my boss for advice, rather than me being the only person that all employees come to for advice.

We Wanted to Thank Our Employees

When my wife suggested that I hold an event to show all of my workers how much I appreciated their time and devotion for the last several months, I knew she was right. Everyone had given so much of their time to ensure that we were able to get the largest project we had ever attempted done, and it worked. I asked my wife to organize the thank you event, and I also told her to take a look at corporate entertainers because of another event I had been to earlier in the summer.

It was a charitable event, and they spared no expense. There were acrobats performing some really neat dances, and there were dancers all over too. Read more

Going into the Big Leagues

I created a website to sell personalized goods. It had a slow start because not many people even knew the website existed. I told all my friends about it, and mentioned it on all of my social media sites, but that only did so much. One of my friends told me to use the Thinkbound SEO company to get more people to check out the website. I wanted to do most of the website promotion for free, but since this was a special circumstance, I was willing to pay for a company to help me out.

Using the help from the company, the number of people that I had buying products from the website went up. Read more