Analyzing The Main Criteria In Purchasing A Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is probably the most convenient feature in your kitchen. Sure, nothing compares to having the right tools and cookware. But then, when it comes to losing trash, this appliance will make your life easier. Its primary goal is to take solid waste and pulverize it before eliminating it through the waste system. If you are connected to the city sewer, there are no reasons to worry about. On the other hand, using a septic system implies some responsibilities. All in all, the general concept is unchanged. However, when looking for a garbage disposal, it is imperative to do your homework. Take a peek over Down the Sink and read the detailed reviews about some of the best selling products first.

Considering the main criteria in the selection of a garbage disposal

The motor size is by far one of the first considerations. It can expand or limit your operations. A small motor reduces the power, so you may not be able to get rid of small kitchen bones. On the other hand, a large motor adds to the versatility and prevents clogged drains. Normally, you can find more sizes on the market – 1/3HP, 1/2HP, 3/4HP and even 1HP. If you only grind soft and moist foods like vegetables, a classic 1/2HP motor is more than enough. More is better though. The difference is not so obvious in the price anyway, so it does pay off to push for more power.

The feeding system is worth some attention too. Garbage disposals can “chew” food in a batch operation or a continuous way. Continuous feed appliances are more common due to the extra convenience. You turn the appliance on, then throw all the food inside. Batch feed disposals work in a different way. You place the food inside a chamber, grind it and get rid of it. Batch feed solutions look more stressful, but they are also safer. If you got kids or pets around, you definitely do not want them near the running disposal. Besides, most of them work only when the chamber is closed, so they can prevent a series of problems. From this point of view, they are also more expensive. As an adult, you are probably smart enough to keep your hands away from rotating blades though. Therefore, if you live alone, a continuous feed disposal is excellent.

The list of considerations is way longer than that, so it is up to you to do your homework and research some more.