What is GreyMatter?
Greymatter is a Web-based tool for the creation of weblogs (regularly-updated news- or journal-type sites) or online journals, allowing complete control over your weblog/journal while supporting such features as:


  • the ability for users to post comments to your entries or cast “karma” votes on them
  • no database used or required whatsoever
  • a template-based system that allows you to fully customise every aspect of your site’s look and function, great or small
  • support for multiple weblog/journal authors, with fully-controllable individual access
  • a ban system for preventing malicious users from voting or posting on your site
  • nearly a hundred template variables that allow for extremely flexible styles and setups
  • easy and complete editing of any entry (including its comments) at any time
  • runs completely on your own account and is thus under your full control at all times
  • and, of course, “more”!

What is needed to run GreyMatter?
Perl is the primary technology used. If your webserver can run perl/cgi scripts, then it can probably handle GM. GM is known to run on Apache, Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Ok, sign me up, how do I install GreyMatter?
Simply download the latest application bundle (zip or tar.gz) and inside you will find all the files you need, including an install document (gm_install.html) and a user manual (gm_manual.html) as well as a Cookbook for solving common issues (gm_cookbook.html).

The GreyMatter software is available from links on this site, the GreyMatter Forum.