It Turned out That I Enjoy Being Part of a Team More Than Being a Business Owner

For many years, I really wanted to be an entrepreneur and own my own company. Some people are great at that, but in the end, I learned that I wasn’t after trying it for myself. I do better when I work for someone else as part of a team. I decided to sell my small company and get some sales training under my belt instead. There are many good companies in my area that have great sales teams, and I hoped to be part of that after my training was completed.

My dad was an entrepreneur, and he was good at running his own business. He passed away when I was quite young, so I did not have the advantage of learning all that much from him about being a CEO. I only knew that I wanted to try to be like him. I love how much he inspired me, but inspiration is not enough to become a great business owner. It was a lot of work to hire and keep quality employees. It was also a lot of work to keep a good balance with everything involved with owning a business. You can hire many people, but there’s still a lot of stress involved for the business owner.

I knew that I wanted to be happy, so I thought about the fact that there are some great companies in the area that I had always admired and they would love to hire someone like me. I also knew that being in sales would mean getting to travel around the area meeting new clients. I liked the thought of having a manager, yet also having some of the freedoms that come with being a salesperson, too. I’m completely committed to selling for a living now. It’s fast paced, and it’s a thrill every time I close on a new contract. It’s also pretty nice being able to go to my boss for advice, rather than me being the only person that all employees come to for advice.

We Wanted to Thank Our Employees

When my wife suggested that I hold an event to show all of my workers how much I appreciated their time and devotion for the last several months, I knew she was right. Everyone had given so much of their time to ensure that we were able to get the largest project we had ever attempted done, and it worked. I asked my wife to organize the thank you event, and I also told her to take a look at corporate entertainers because of another event I had been to earlier in the summer.

It was a charitable event, and they spared no expense. There were acrobats performing some really neat dances, and there were dancers all over too. Read more

Best Orthopedic Mattress Review

An orthopedic mattress is generally chosen by people that need a mattress for deformities and disorders of the joints and spine. This style of mattress has been created to help with many different disorders and can be beneficial for many people.

If you experience any form of back pain, neck ache, or joint discomfort the orthopedic mattress will be ideal. The mattress is firm, which provides the perfect support in targeted areas, and it is extremely comfortable. The multi-layer structure of the mattress not only provides more comfort and anti-motion interference, but also a universal design method is chosen by many Orthopedic Mattresses. The construction of Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid will enhance this feature.

Orthopedic Mattress Guide

Do Orthopedic Mattresses have springs?

Yes, an orthopedic mattress has springs with a typical spring gauge of 12.5, which is considered to be the firmest you can find. This spring gauge is incredibly durable, and will ensure that your mattress lasts a lifetime.

Orthopedic Mattress VS Memory Foam Mattress

The main difference between these mattresses are the materials that are used to manufacture them as memory foam have no springs and are considered far more hypoallergenic. As with all products some people prefer orthopedic mattresses and other people love the feel of memory foam. Both mattresses have benefits and disadvantages.


This style of mattress is extremely firm, and some people find that this can be uncomfortable. However, you can purchase other styles, including pocket sprung and latex orthopedic mattresses, which are softer.


  • Beneficial for back problems
  • Approved by doctors and specialists
  • Available in different firmness


  • Considered too firm by some people
  • More expensive
  • Construction can be hit and miss

Drive medical therapeutic 5 zone support mattress

Available in the color White having the dimensions 35 x 80 x 5.5 inches, the Therapeutic 5 Zone is a deluxe horizontal mattress. It has five pressure zones for even distribution of pressure throughout the mattress. The mattress itself is made of cross cut foam.

It has a two hundred and ten denier nylon. It is a Medicare coded Group I support mattress and a replacement mattress which can facilitate transfers more easily than overlays. It weighs almost a ten and a half pounds.


The nylon of the Therapeutic 5 Zone is resistant to friction due to its nylon fabric. It results in patient satisfaction and fewer service calls. It is also resistant to water yet permeable to vapor. The pressure zones are perfect for the patient to feel comfortable.

It is comfortable without a doubt and can tolerate heavy patients as well. Since it has no springs, you will not have to worry about the inconvenience of popping springs. It is delivered speedily that you will not believe.


The Therapeutic 5 Zone is prone to leaving indentations and impressions of the body where it receives the most pressure. This too happens in very few cases and probably due to some specific reason.

Just what the doctor ordered (probably)

The Therapeutic 5 Zone is a magnificent mattress that does the job for any patient or fragile aged people. It has the perfect amount of softness and firmness that helps the patient feel comfort throughout their body. The pressure zones are exactly what would relax them thoroughly.

Given that the Therapeutic 5 Zone has received some criticism of leaving impressions and trenches where the patient lays the most, the mattress is ideal otherwise. It just might be what the doctor had ordered.

Organic cotton two in one ultra

Made of one hundred percent organic cotton and one hundred percent polyethylene, the Two In One Ultra has a two in one design. The top surface can be wiped clean easily and meets food contact standards while the bottom is made of beautifully quilted organic cotton fabric.

It has certified cotton filling with two-stage soft and firm thickness. It also has a heavy-duty orthopedic innerspring that provides comfort to the children. It is available in two sizes; Twin with three hundred and sixty coils and Full with five hundred and twenty-eight coils. The six gauge border wire adds to support.


The design of the Two In One Ultra is hypoallergenic and safe for everyone because it is free of harmful chemicals. It is water-resistant which makes spills and diaper leaks not a hassle to clean. Your baby will sleep comfortably and peacefully. Your child will find no difficulty in transitioning from crib mattress to bed mattress. It is not too firm to be used by children. It is just right for them. The price is not that much for an organic mattress. It has neither harmful chemicals nor foul odors to make your kid feel uncomfortable.


The waterproof side a little more firm than you would want it to be. Some users have been dissatisfied with the firmness of the Two In One Ultra. They report it is too hard for a child to sleep in comfortably.

Good for the price

The Two In One Ultra is a wonderful mattress to help your child through the growing stage and transition from crib to bed. It has a softer quilted side and a firmer yet water-resistant side to accommodate your child in it with ease.

Dream on me orthopedic mattress

Available in the colors Grey and White, the Dream On Me Toddler is one hundred percent bed bug free. It complies with 16 CFR 1633 flammability standards and fits any regular crib.


The Dream On Me Toddler is vented for aeration to your baby’s mattress fresh in order to provide the best nap time ever. It is constructed with a hypoallergenic cover that keeps your sensitive child from mild illnesses.

The cover is also washable and waterproof. It is crafted with only the best materials for your child and is bed bug free. It is easily wiped with some warm water and mild soap. Not only this but the Dream On Me Toddler is low priced and affordable too therefore it will not make you tip over your budget.


Although the Dream On Me Toddler has great qualities, this is not exactly the picture for some households. Parents have complained that the mattress does not have foam and even if it does, it feels a lot like Styrofoam.

The Dream On Me Toddler is too hard for babies and toddlers and is not adequate for them to sleep on. It also contains polyurethane which is a poisonous chemical that can cause many diseases such as asthma.

A tough decision

The Dream On Me Toddler has both pros and cons of equal weights. It is tough to decide whether it is the best thing for your child or not. Even though it is water-resistant and very very easy to clean and wipe, it does not match the expectations of every parent and that is for sure. The mattress is very firm almost like the floor. Therefore buy this mattress only if your child likes it otherwise, keep looking.



Dehydrator has become a popular appliance in household. Fact, this is a helpful device that creates nutritious snacks and preserves foods for very long time. Thanks to the release of dehydrator, now we don’t have to consume canning foods or freezing foods anymore. In the vast market of dehydrator, there are only two common types of dehydrator: vertical-flow dehydrator and horizontal-flow dehydrator. In this article, we will describe these two types of dehydrators, aims to provide information about 2 different system and help you to distinguish them just by looking them.


First of all, words “vertical-flow” and “horizontal-flow” describe how drying system in the appliance works. “Vertical-flow” means the air-flow (come from fan) will move from bottom to top or vice versa. Meanwhile, the “horizontal-flow” system only makes air flows from back to front. In general, these notions describes which direction air flows in a food dehydrator.


The answers is yes. Each method creates different effect. It also means drying foods from a vertical-flow dehydrator and horizontal-flow dehydrator, somehow, will have different quality. For example, 2 appliances dry vegetables or fruits at the same time, same amount, but drying vegetables from vertical-flow one will looks greater meanwhile which from horizontal-flow unit will be over-dried. Why? Let’s see the answers below.


For vertical-flow dehydrators, the fan is usually mounted at the bottom of the unit. Sometime you will find it at the top but it’s really rare. Air-flow will move from bottom to the top and then go back to the bottom. However, air will be less hot by time. In another words, if the fan is mounted at the bottom, the first tray (from bottom) receives lots of hot air, but the second, the third trays will receive less hot air flow than the first tray. As the result, not all trays in vertical-flow will receive even heat. That’s why vertical-flow type is suitable for dry vegetables and fruits such as peaches, apple, herbs, something doesn’t need to dry too much or easily to dry. Moreover, if you want foods dry evenly, remember to rotate all these trays occasionally.

In another hand, in horizontal-flow dehydrators, the fan is always mounted at the back of the unit. The air flows from back to the front. This design makes air flow evenly from the first to the last trays, get through every tray with the same temperature. And because of that, you don’t need to stop the appliance for switch trays to different direction. As the result, foods in every trays will have the same quality. The system provides too much heat in order to ensure distribute heat evenly. Lots of heat will help foods not just evenly but quicker. However, that’s also the reason why when using this type of dehydrator, customer should not mix vegetables with things like meat or jerky to dry. Usually, this type is recommended for drying meats, fish, and jerky and for busy person, who need a machine which can runs quickly.


Different method system also means different design. You can easily distinguish it by looking and don’t need to read instructions. First, vertical-flow dehydrator usually has a “vertical usage”. It’s mean that you have to place tray over tray in a vertical direction. In another hand, there are many vertical-flow dehydrator use circular design so that customers can rotate trays, in order to make foods dry more even. Because the fan is usually place at the bottom, so the control button is placed at the bottom too. Meanwhile, the horizontal-flow dehydrators are usually quite big. Companies like to design their product like a big box. Trays are put in and out like the way we do with the oven. And like the way they design the vertical-flow dehydrators, the control button is placed at the top, back of the unit. The horizontal-flow usually looks bigger and more expensive than vertical-flow dehydrators.


At the end, each type has its own pro and cons. So depends on your need, your budget, even on how large is your kitchen counter, you will choose the right food dehydrators for you. We hope that this article is helpful. To get more information or instruction, please search for more articles on our website!


Ever since I first received my first food dehydrator, I’ve fallen in love with it – and I think you would’ve noticed in my previous post just how excited I get talking about it. I apologize if we don’t exactly see eye to eye, because right now you’re probably thinking ‘Well, why dehydrate food when I could just buy raisins at the supermarket?’

There’s so many advantages that come with dehydrating your food and here I’ve listed the top 8 benefits for you. Read on to see what they are.

1. Dehydrated food is healthy for you!

Enzymes are proteins found in both our bodies and in an abundance of fresh, raw fruit and vegetables which help us digest and absorb food. A diet that’s rich in enzymes is said to be important for good health and greater energy levels because we end up putting less strain on forcing the body to produce its own digestive enzymes. Instead, the ‘raw’ food is able to digest itself.

106-118°F (40-50°C), give or take, is said to be the temperature range where food begins to lose some of its enzymes plus other important minerals and vitamins. This is what happens when we cook our food but since food dehydrators work at temperatures below this, dried foods still contain these living enzymes and almost all of its nutritional value and fiber.

The result? Healthy, homemade dried foods that you won’t have to feel guilty about

2. Dehydrated food is healthy AND full of flavor

By removing the water content, the flavor in foods that remains is concentrated and intensified. So fruits naturally become sweeter without any added artificial sugars, colorings and preservatives compared to those shop store banana chips (which are actually deep fried).

You’ll end up snacking on tasty dehydrated treats instead of all the other junk food out there, the best of both worlds really

3. You can make good use of those leftovers by preserving and storing food

Did you know that 40% of the average household bin is food? That’s a lot.  With a dehydrator though, you don’t need to worry about wasting food that’s about to go off.

Got a too many apples hanging around? Make some cinnamon apple chips!

Or maybe some leftover fresh herbs? Don’t throw it away! Just chuck it into a dehydrator and store it for future use. To learn how to dehydrate your own herbs, head to this post.

4. It saves space (the dried food, not the dehydrator)

Most fruits and vegetables are made up of 80-95% water while meats are around the 50-75% range, so when you dry them they’ll shrink down to at least half its original size. When you compare this to storing home canned foods in jars, this is much more convenient to for the pantry since it doesn’t take up much space or require a refrigerator.

On another note too, because dried food is so much lighter in weight, this makes it perfect for the everyday lunchbox.

5. Grow your own veggies? Make the most of your fresh harvest all year round

If you find yourself growing so much fruits and vegetables that you and your family can’t seem to eat up in time, why not dehydrate them now for future use?

If you’ve got herbs that’s in season, make the most of it and dry them now to add to your cooking repertoire. Other dried vegetables like mushrooms and tomatoes can also easily be re-hydrated again by soaking them in water – perfect for stocks, soups and stews during the winter.

With so much quality fruits and vegetables stashed away, you’ll easily find yourself eating a much more healthy lifestyle too (win).

6. Dehydrating is fool-proof and kid-friendly

No master chef? No problem because using a food dehydrator is easy peas that it’s impossible to stuff up (don’t take my word for this though. The temperatures are set so low that you have nothing to fear about burning or over drying.

All you have to do is lay out the food, push some buttons, do your own thing for a few hours and come back to indulge. Heck, you’ll be an instant sun-dried tomato gourmet chef in no time

This also makes it a great way to spend time with the young ones in the kitchen. Kids can help you wash and arrange foods on the trays to be dried or even better, they can help make yummy fruit leathers! It’ll definitely encourage healthier eating habits, especially when there’s a deliciously sweet reward at the end of their kitchen adventures.

7. It saves money! Who doesn’t love money?

Dehydrators itself range in price, but however much you decide to spend on one, it easily pays itself back. See some grapes on sale at the local shop? Make the most of the discounts by buying in bulk to make raisins (or sultanas).

Next time when you’re feeling like baking a loaf of raisin bread, there’s one less ingredient you
need to worry about because you’ve already got it. Or of course dip them in melted cacao when you’re craving some chocolate covered raisins

By drying foods for future use, you’re instantly saving yourself time and transport costs to head back to the supermarket (fuel ain’t cheap you know!). And after you realize how delicious dehydrated goodies taste, you’ll instantly be saving yourself extra dollars on buying processed snacks and those supposedly ‘healthy’ dried fruits!

8. You can make beef jerky



Food is spoiled because of microorganisms which grew inside or by the enzymatic reactions. Microorganisms such as molds, yeast or bacteria will growth if there is an adequate moisture around them. When the harmful bacteria grew as much as it can cause spoilage, your food will not be preserved. Therefore, reducing the moisture contained in food would prevent the growth of microorganisms and enzymatic reaction and preserve the food.

Dehydration is the process that carries out water contained in food in order to prevent bacteria from growing. Drying is one of the oldest ways to preserve food and prehistoric peoples used to dry food by the sun more than thousand years ago, for example, the North American Indians dried meat for preservation, the Chinese dried eggs or fish and rice by the Japanese. Read more


Jerky is one of the most effective ways to reserve left-over meat in good condition for a long time. Jerky simply is a result of a dehydrating process in which moisture and fat contained inside meat is got rid of, hence it is very good for your health. There are many types of jerky around the world, however, I think that beef jerky is the most popular and delicious. Normally, there are some ways to dry beef into jerky, but in this article, I will give you the easiest way for using a food dehydrator. Read more


Food dehydrator is a versatile kitchen appliance. In the fruitful harvest season, with the help of one food dehydrator, you can easily make dried fruits such as bananas, tomatoes, cherry… and give to your friend and neighbors. Moreover, you could gather herbs and flowers, dry them without lots of time and efforts. With the developing technology, the task of drying fruits and vegetables or meat is easier than ever. Cutting, chopping and evenly spread out, choosing time and then food dryer does all the works. Read more

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