Select/Deselect All in Edit Entry pages

Not so much a mod and not at all that I wrote it.

I found this check/uncheck all script at and have used it on other forms. We got hit with a ton of spam (before upgrading to newer version) and I wanted a quick way to select all comment entries to delete them all. Hope this helps someone else out too. Read more

Javascript to Save a Commenter’s Info

Problem: I would like a commenter’s name, email, and homepage to be remembered after they comment and to automatically appear in the comment form fields.

Solution: GreyMatter comes with the javascript to do this, however, it isn’t “hooked up” so to speak. A little template modifications and you are good to go.

First make sure that you have the cookie code variable ({{cookiescode}}) in your Entry Page Template templates (which the standard templates that ship with GM do). Read more

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